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PMoC Gallery Click here to download a copy of our brochure (PDF)

New Federation House, building on the first volume in its Canadian Leadership Collection, will mount an exhibition of the official portraits of the prime ministers entitled “Canada’s Prime Ministers” gallery. The exhibition, modelled along the lines of the Smithsonian Institution’s “America’s Presidents” gallery in Washington, will be housed in an existing museum or public space and could eventually travel across the country. The large-format digital reimaging of the Prime Ministers portraits will be a major undertaking that will confirm the exhibition as one of the primary public attractions in the country. “Canada’s Prime Ministers” gallery recounts Canadian history through the individuals who have shaped the country, and will also include multiple images of the past 23 Canadian Prime Ministers from Sir John A. Macdonald to Justin Trudeau.


Leadership MuseumClick here to download a copy of our brochure (PDF).

The concept for a Canadian Museum of Leadership and its affiliated Centre for Governance is an outgrowth of the publishing activities of New Federation House on the subject of leadership. The design of the Museum has evolved through extensive consultations to include world-class exhibits on Canadian and International leaders as well as a learning institution for research and teaching on the topic of leadership.
Among those who have actively participated in discussions on the Museum include the senior advisors of The Gummersell Group Inc and representatives of the McCord Museum; the Discovery Museum (Stanford, Connecticut); Services des infrastructures de la Ville de Montréal; le Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine, Québec; Canada Lands Corporation, Canadian Heritage; and the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum (Boston, Massachusetts). These individuals, and many others, have contributed to the development of a unique institution whose major features include:

      • an innovative cultural institution designed to promote public awareness of leadership in society, to promote leadership training, and to collect and preserve materials that relate to leadership both nationally and internationally;

      • highly interactive exhibitions on World Leaders, US Presidents, Canadian Prime Ministers, Native Leaders of North America and Provincial Premiers;  
      • a highlight of the Museum will be its traveling exhibitions across Canada;

      • the Centre for Governance will offer public and specialized educational programs that explore the concept of leadership, its history and practice; it will offer an Executive MA in Global Leadership Studies in partnership with a major Canadian university;

      • international conferences and seminars on major international geo-political issues will be organized, as well as exchange programs with other organizations, such as the United States Presidential Libraries System (i.e., the Clinton and Reagan Libraries), l’Institut supérieur international de leadership (France), Beijing University and the Mandela Elders Group;

      • The Museum & Centre project will reflect Canadian competiveness in the global economy with its state-of-the-art technology and innovations (both in its exhibit presentations and on-line) and its highly skilled, multilingual work force (permanent and part-time);
      • the Museum will be located in a historic building in Montreal’s downtown core; travelling exhibits will be arranged in the country's major cities.



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