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from John A. Macdonald to Justin Trudeau

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The Prime Ministers of Canada is a unique work that features original essays by Canada's leading historians and is illustrated with exceptional archival images. The first in a series of books on Canadian leaders, it was first published in 2002 and now has well over 10,000 copies in print form. The fourth edition was published in early 2016 and is now available for the first time in digital format. The short, incisive texts provide surprising insights into the lives and motivations of the country's leaders from Sir John A. Macdonald to Justin Trudeau.
The 3rd and 4th editions were sponsored by CPAC, the Cable Public Affairs Channel, as part of its programming on political and parliamentary affairs.

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Chapters and authors:
Sir John A. Macdonald – Michael Bliss
Alexander Mackenzie – John M. Bumstead
Sir John Abbott – Carman Miller
Sir John David Thompson – P. B. Waite
Sir Mackenzie Bowell – Jacques Monet
Sir Charles Tupper – David M. L. Farr
Sir Wilfrid Laurier – Réal Bélanger
Sir Robert Borden – Robert Craig Brown
Arthur Meighen – J. L. Granatstein
William Lyon Mackenzie King – H. Blair Neatby
R. B. Bennett – Larry Glassford
Louis St. Laurent – Bernard Chevrier
John Diefenbaker – Bill Waiser
Lester B. Pearson – John English
Pierre Elliott Trudeau – Ramsay Cook
Joe Clark – Patrick Brennan
John Turner – Robert Bothwell
Brian Mulroney – Norman Hillmer
Kim Campbell – Patricia Roy
Jean Chrétien – Desmond Morton
Paul Martin – Michael Behiels
Stephen Harper – Dimitry Anastakis
Justin Trudeau – Jacques G. Ruelland


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