Leaders Book

The plight and struggles of Native populations are known throughout the world. This collection of short biographies chronicles the lives of thirty Canadian Aboriginal leaders who, since Confederation, have fought to improve the lives of their communities while raising human rights awareness and promoting justice for their people.

This book on Canadian Native leaders since the time of Confederation leaders features short, original essays by leading historians, specialists in Native studies, and journalists, along with archival images. It provides unique insights into the lives and motivations of those who struggled for the survival of their communities. Native Leaders of Canada contains short biographies on the following thirty individuals:

Piapot by Robert A. Innes
Crowfoot by Mark Reid
Poundmaker by Mark Reid
Louis Riel by Jeannine Peru
E. Pauline Johnson by Carole Gerson
Tommy Prince by Nelle Oosterom
Frank Calder by Antonia Mills
Bill Reid by Dan Asfar
George Manuel by Rosemary Neering
Donald Marshall Sr. by Sally Erskine Doucette
Max Gros-Louis by Jeanne Poulin
Alanis Obomsawin by Randolph Lewis
Andrew Delisle, Sr. by Lisa Peterson
Bertha Allen by Anne Johnston Williams
Joseph Gosnell, Sr. by Dan Asfar
Gail Guthrie Valaskakis by Lee Maracle
James Bartleman by Lorne Monti
Harry Daniels by Patrick Brazeau
Phil Fontaine by Leonard Judge
Harold Cardinal by Wanda Wuttunee
Mary May Simon by Hélèna Katz
Sandra Lovelace Nicholas by Anna de Aguayo
Georges Erasmus by Elle Andra-Warner
Billy Diamond by Susan Hallet
Elijah Harper by Lorne Monti
Sheila Watt-Cloutier by David Newhouse
Rosemarie Kuptana by Hélèna Katz
Ghislain Picard by Brian Parsons
Matthew Coon Come by Julie Gedeon
Paul Okalik by Kathlyn Horibe

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Leaders Book
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