Gerry St. Germain, Métis, 1937-
He is the first Métis to be a member of the federal Cabinet; he is now a Senator from British Columbia. St. Germain had various jobs prior to entering politics working variously as a Royal Canadian Air Force pilot, an RCMP officer, a building contractor and a poultry farmer. Born in Manitoba, he later moved to British Columbia where he became involved in agriculture and real estate ventures. St. Germain was president of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada in the 1980s and was elected to a seat in the Canadian House of Commons in 1983 through a by-election on the same day that Brian Mulroney was elected. He was re-elected in 1984 and served as National Caucus Chair, then as Minister of State for Transport and later as Minister of State for Forestry. He was appointed to the Senate in June 1993 just prior to Mulroney’s retirement. St. Germain has served on various committees in the Senate and presently chairs the Senate Standing Committee on Aboriginal Peoples.

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